Went there with a friend and her 14 months old baby girl and she had a blast! I seriously never seen her as happy as she was. Place was clean and they had a great selection of toys.
— - Khamille B.
When I walked into the Great Escape I was immediately impressed with all the love that was there, not only a place where parents can be near their children but an environment where children will be able to play and learn with the love and qualified teachers that will make their day one of learning while having fun. I have been a parent for many years and my kids are grown but if I’d had a place like this when my kids were little we would have been there all the time. I feel this definitely a great idea whose time has come. Congrats to all the staff for a job well done
— Sara M.
This is an awesome place. My grandson and his mommy loved it. They have since moved across the country and The Great Escape is one of the things the miss the most. Great place for a birthday party too!!
— Karen J.
Great place to have a party The staff is awesome and very helpful.
— Gee C.
his place is amazing- we had our little girl’s birthday party here last month and it was a hit! Kids were losing their mind with Elsa & Anna in the play room. THERE’S NOTHING LIKE THE GREAT ESCAPE-THANKS GUYS!!!!
— Valerie
Just had our daughter’s birthday party at Great Escape’s awesome new location. The new space is amazing, and as always, the GE staff were kind, caring, and extremely helpful. We have put on quite a few parties over the years between our two kids, and this was by far the easiest and most stress fee.  The staff took care of all the set up and clean up, while still making sure everyone was having a great (and safe) time. I can’t recommend highly enough!
— Erik
My 14 month old daughter and I have been going to the Great Escape for several months and we both adore it! The staff is super caring and friendly and my daughter loves them all. There is a real sense of community here and I’ve come to meet lots of lovely people and babies here. Every time I went to do work next door and they took care of her I would come back to a smiling, happy face. There are lots of cool toys, a slide, a bouncy house and a super cool enclosed big play pen made of mats that was great when my little one was learning to walk. I am so excited to see the new space in March which is only a few blocks away and will be bigger with outdoor space. Definitely would recommend this place to other moms who are looking for a nice place for their babies and toddlers to play and socialize
— Caitlyn T.
We just had our sons first birthday party here. Jordana was great in assisting us in setting up, organizing times and cleaning up for the party.
There is a great area for adults to enjoy indoor and outdoor and Everyone had a wonderful time!
— Lulu K
what a good idea! play space for babies/toddlers/young kids and a relaxing space for overtired parents who just want a “break”. We walked by after lunch one day and saw the sign for “open play” and decided to give it a try. the facility is really clean and spacious for the kids to run/crawl around and play. always my daughter loves running around and playing with all the different play areas. we will definitely be returning! you know, cause we had to get a membership! Awesome and safe spot for families with small children! I totally recommend it!
— Cindy G
I recently had my daughter’s first birthday party here and our experience have been truly amazing.  The owner, Jay, was there at the day of the party just to make sure everything was ok, we were ok and everything we needed was taken care of. The staff were very nice, very quick and very attentive. I love how they handled everything like a pro!
Their response times to our inquiries were very quick. They accommodated all or my requests and have made sure all we needed to do was show up. The adult lounge was perfect for the adult guests that didn’t have kids and the kids’ area was clean and spacious.
I love this place and I highly recommend this to be your next party venue!
— Sarah S.
This place is a dream come true!! I just had a joint celebration for my kids at this venue. From my start to the very finish - the planning was smooth sailing. I sent in an inquiry and no less than a few hours I immediately received a response from Jay - the actual co-owner of the facility! She was super helpful and informative and flexible! Throughout the process she was responsive and oh so helpful and helped me with all the initial planning points.
2 weeks prior to my event I received a follow up call from the other co-owner Jordana. Again so friendly and super helpful with making sure I got all my final details in place. From themes, to goody bags to party colors - the sure kept me organized. But the day of the party was unbelievable. They did EVERYTHING!! Again as soon as we arrived - they set everything up. Food, drinks, deserts... Everything. Truly amazing. I’ve had plenty parties, but this one really takes the cake. Venue was amazing, service was superb, even Jay was at the party helping out!! I can’t say enough greatness about this place. Thank you Jay, Jordana, Lia and The Great Escape!!!
— Vanessa P
I tried out the Great Escape on a Groupon deal, and am glad i didn’t pass it up. The space is clean and staff really friendly and helpful.  they have a clean outdoor space for eating, and they keep an eye on your little if you need to step away. The other thing I love about Great Escape?  there are tons of great food options within a two block radius.  just to name a few: Proof Bakery - one of my favorite LA bakeries, Canele, this Taco stand just a few doors south, El Buen Gusto - one of my long time go-to’s in LA for pupusas, i’ve ordered pizza from Tomato Pie, and had it delivered... pretty good! The Great Escape is a great add to this neighborhood and I highly recommend it to any parent!
— Angela AM
I LOVE this place! I was hosting a group play date and we got completely rained out of our park plan and I was desperate to find a place where my 6 sweet pals under the age of 4 could play, explore, discover and have fun together.  I called so many places: church basements, libraries, etc. and all of them were very expensive. I called Jay at the Great Escape and she was SO accommodating, kind and generous. It was by far our cheapest solution and the BEST fun.  Jay was relaxed and positive and welcomed us with open arms (even opening a bit early so we could keep our schedule). The kids had a blast!!  We stayed there for 4 hours and they could have stayed for 4 more. We will definitely come back.
— Sue B
What can I say about this place!! I had my twins 2nd birthday there. It was truly the best experience ever! Jordana was incredible. She made every one of my guests feel so comfortable (we had several adults there). She made set up and clean up a breeze. The place is perfect for kids 2-5/6 years old. I love that there’s a patio along with another room for the ‘grown ups’ to be in. It’s super clean and modern. I will definitely recommend this place to anyone planning there’s kids birthday.
— Lara D
This place was a LIFESAVER for us. We have triplets. It really was a “great escape!” The girls seem to be keeping a watch over all the kids- even when you are there. The BEST!!!
— G.R.
I’ve been here for parties, free play and even held a workshop here. It’s a great place in the area to go to if you have kids for a whole mess of reasons. I love everyone here and they’re all insanely nice and always do whatever they can to accommodate you. Check it out. You’ll love it!
— Rhiannon G.
A very neat family owned place. My daughter loves coming here. It’s clean and the toys are new. I wish them success in years to come.
— David G.
It’s always a great experience when a business far exceeds one’s expectations.  The Great Escape Club did just that yesterday afternoon. I scheduled a 4th birthday party celebration for my granddaughter and I couldn’t have been more pleased. The owner, Jordana met with me  week or so prior to the event and was thoughtful and kind in helping me plan this event. Everything (and I mean everything) went very smoothly and obviously Jordana’s years of experience really paid off. Absolutely nothing to worry about and all aspects of the event (food, desert, set up, clean up, face painting and non permanent kid’s tattoos) went off without a hitch. Pizza delivery was exactly on time (they handle that for you) and the pizza was wonderful. Bottom line, the kids really enjoyed themselves big time and the adults had nothing to be even remotely concerned with. I highly recommend this wonderful venue for your child’s party. Really nice folks, very relaxed and easy to do business with. You can’t miss with this one.  Check them out!!!!
— Charles P.
We held a Halloween get together over the weekend and I have to say that I was more than impressed by this place! We already have plans to have another get together here. It is a great space!!! Love that there is a separate area/kitchen to set up food. Jordana was so so accommodating and super nice! It really is a GREAT ESCAPE. The kids enjoyed the play area while the adults/parents enjoyed and relaxed in the patio. The whole place is clean, modern, and not too cluttered esp. the kids play area as in some places they just have way too much! Can’t wait to go back! I’m glad I found this place.
— Michelle S.
I love this place! I’m a Canadian living in Belgium and have a sister living in LA that I  am visiting right now. I had such a hard time keeping my toddler of 16 months occupied, it gets just too hot in the afternoon to go to the outdoor playgrounds. The slides and the sand are boiling hot. So I found this great place via yelp and accidentally drove past in on our way to The Americana. The owner I should ask her name next time) is so incredibly nice. So helpful and gives you a great introduction to the play area. Its clean and had a lot of toys that my son loves , but his favourite is certainly the cars he can sit it. You can sit and enjoy a coffee and browse the internet on the free wifi or just follow your little one around like i love to do because there is just so much to discover and i love watching him play! We’ve already been there twice since we’ve been here and we will certainly be back a few
times before we go because my son just loves it! Good job to the owners!!!
— Miriam R
I love the Great Escape.  I have been there a few times and will be going regularly.  i have to disagree with the reviewer below who says it’s not appropriate for toddlers.  I have been there mid-morning when there are only 3 or 4 kids there.  They are of varying ages and there doesn’t seem to be an issue.  My chid is 2 and has had a great time every time he’s been.  The prices are certainly fair and the staff is great.
— Terri N
Just celebrated my son’s birthday at The Great Escape and have nothing but good things to say! My party was quite large, but the staff was so accommodating and flexible with some of my last minute requests. I highly recommend it for a birthday party! the weather was great, so the outside patio was ideal. I got the package where you have access to the whole space, and it was a great flow to the party.. kids were mainly in the play room, while most of the adults were in the patio or lounge area. They’re still setting up, so we didn’t have a speaker for music in the lounge, but we improvised with a portable one. Great place, great staff, highly recommend!
— KT
drive from the Foothills to visit this wonderful space! It’s beautifully designed and our whole family enjoys playing here. They just got a baby zone which we are also excited about! Clean, friendly and so much fun!
— Rachel M